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Stepan Hoian - SEO specialist in Ipswich

Stepan Hoian

SEO specialist in Ipswich

I have experience working in a web studio, in a marketing agency, and as a freelancer.

My SEO experience spans projects of various sizes: from landing pages to online stores with over 100,000 pages.

I am skilled in search engine optimisation of sites at the stages of project planning and launch.

With a background in programming, I have a strong understanding of the technical aspects of site optimisation.

I have worked as an SEO specialist on projects in 5 countries, each requiring different promotional approaches.

My primary focus in providing SEO services is in E-commerce: including online stores and service-oriented websites.

years of experience as an SEO specialist.
sites optimised, resulting in improved positions and
increased income.
of clients work exclusively with me, seeing no need to
change their SEO specialist.

SEO case 1. Medical clinic


Increase traffic and income of the pharmacy website through search engine optimisation.


An online pharmacy site, developed using JavaScript.


Complex technical tasks have been completed for accurate indexing by search engines of the site's HTML markup. Work on search engine optimisation of priority pages and link building is being progressively conducted. Over 5 months of SEO work, site traffic increased from 1,200 to 4,300 users per day.

SEO case for medical clinic

SEO сase 2. Law Company


Conduct preparatory work for the launch and subsequent optimisation of the site in search engines.


The website of a legal firm hosted on a test domain.


A niche and competitor analysis has been conducted. Preparation and implementation of site structure, structuring of pages for optimisation, optimisation of meta-tags and content were carried out. Technical tasks were completed on the site, and it was transferred to the main domain. Gradual optimisation of new pages and link building were undertaken. In 9 months of SEO work, the site's traffic grew from 0 to 150 visitors per day.

SEO case for Law Company

SEO сase 3. Online store of bouquets


Increase the site's income during the peak season (March) over a year.


Floral sales platform with partners in over 85 cities.


Complex technical tasks for high-quality indexing of the site were implemented. A separate folder with an assortment was created for each city. A large number of pages were optimised, and significant improvements were made in external optimisation. In 1 year of SEO work, traffic to the site in the peak season increased by 50%, and income from the site by more than 50%.

SEO case for online store of bouquets

How is the SEO work going?

Definition of objectives.
Coordination of the plan.
Agreement on the budget.
Execution of SEO tasks.
Providing reports.
Next stage.

What is included in SEO services?

Technical optimisation for search engines:

  • Analysing the technical optimisation of the site and writing technical SEO tasks for the programmer to address technical errors. Monitoring the need to prepare new technical SEO tasks, which may arise following changes to the site or updates in search engine requirements.
  • Collecting the semantic core. Adjusting the structure of the site to cover all potential queries based on the semantic core. Compiling and implementing meta tags for pages selected for optimisation. Identifying additional growth opportunities for the project, creating and optimising new pages.
  • Creating technical SEO tasks for content writing, based on the semantic core and competitor analysis.

External optimisation:

  • Optimising the company for Google My Business.
  • Selection of quality donor sites.
  • Developing a plan based on a list of pages and anchor texts.
  • Preparing technical tasks for content, proofreading, and moderating its placement.

SEO analysis and reporting:

  • Analysing the results of SEO efforts, evaluating positions, and preparing recommendations based on this analysis.
  • Analysing the optimisation of competitors' sites and developing recommendations accordingly.
  • Preparing SEO reports on the work performed.

Prices for SEO services


For small sites with a link budget up to £300

£300 per month


For medium-sized sites with a link budget from £300 to £600

£600 per month


For large sites with a link budget from £600

£1200 per month

Answers to common questions

Who is an SEO specialist and what do they do?

An SEO specialist is a professional responsible for promoting websites in search engines. The outcome of their work is an increase in targeted website visitors from search engines, leading to enhanced company profits.

What advantages does SEO offer compared to advertising?

A well-optimised website can continue to yield results long after SEO efforts have concluded. In contrast, advertising ceases to generate income immediately after the cessation of the campaign.

Are SEO services only available for Ipswich agencies?

Digital Mart, headquartered in Ipswich, offers SEO services to clients across the UK, regardless of their location. All work is conducted online.

When can I expect to see results from SEO work?

Typically, the effects of SEO are observable within 3-6 months from the commencement of search engine optimisation.

What access does an SEO specialist need?

The primary accesses an SEO specialist needs are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These services are essential for correctly tracking the results of website optimisation and monitoring the emergence of errors on the site.

Are there guarantees for the results of working on website optimisation?

An SEO specialist might, for instance, predict traffic growth or estimate the time needed to catch up with a competitor. However, unfortunately, there can be no guarantees in search engine optimisation as its results are influenced by a multitude of factors. The main ones include: changes in search engine algorithms, the work of other specialists involved with the site, and the activities of competitor websites.

For which tasks is a budget necessary?

Before commencing work, consider the costs for the following areas:

The cost of the SEO specialist's work and the budget for external links are assessed before starting work on the project. The cost of the programmer’s and copywriter's work depends on the volume of work that needs to be completed and the cost of their services.

Could I view a sample of your most recent work?

The most recent project we have undertaken is the website for Wonderland Bakehouse, a local cake shop in Ipswich. The competition for this theme is below average, and although the website has only been live for a few months, some of the key queries are already ranking in the top 10 of the search engine results. You can view the results by finding the website on the first page of the search results via the provided link.

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